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Race, Racism, & Racial Trauma: Speaking the Unspeakable in Professional Psychology

In collaboration with the DC Psychological Association:

Race, racism, and racial trauma are ever-present in the lives of People of Color and are needed areas of attending to within the therapy space (Bryant-Davis & Moore-Lobban, 2019; Comas-Diaz, 2016; Hemmings & Evans, 2018). Understanding the psychobiological response to the cumulative experience of race-related stress is an essential component to understanding and attending to these arduous experiences (Bryant-Davis & Ocampo, 2005; Carter, 2007; Hardy, 2013; Helms, Nicolas, & Green, 2010; Pieterse, 2018).

This webinar will take a current and historical perspective for understanding the experiences and impact of race, racism, and racial trauma on People of Color. The presenters aim to assist mental health professionals of different racial backgrounds with identifying how they might respond to these traumatic occurrences, and provide considerations for professional practice. Multilevel approaches to healing will be discussed. There will be an opportunity for discussion throughout the presentation. Two diversity CE credits are available for this webinar. 

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