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Donate to the Tribe.

Partner with us to maximize our efforts! 

All donations to Dear Black Prophets, Co. are tax-deductible. 

Funding the needs of our most vulnerable. 

Dear Black Prophets, Co. is an organization committed to the liberation of Black folx across the diaspora, by any means. It is our belief that through education, community, attention to mental health, and art, it is possible to uplift the community and achieve just that. 

Dear Black Prophets, Co.'s Foundations work to meet the needs of Black folx on the margins. Our initiatives include feeding the hungry, clothing the houseless, challenging the Education system and its racist rhetoric and methods, and advocating with and for our LGBTQia+ family.

Dear Black Prophets, Co. is a legally registered 501(3)c non-profit meaning that all proceeds go back into the organization to fund our foundations, programming, webinars, mutual aid relief, and other Non-profit organizations. 



Collective work and responsibility fuel the work that we do and we can not do it without you.

Your contribution backs research-based and culturally responsive initiatives to work towards optimal Black thriving. 


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