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Black Prophets,

Welcome to Dear Black Prophets, Co.: A Sanctuary for Black Empowerment

Dear Black Prophets, Co. emerged as a heartfelt response to the relentless global onslaught of anti-Black terrorism, a love letter resonating with the rich tapestry of the Black experience. Our foundation is grounded in the profound wisdom of African deep thought, ancestral knowledge, and the guiding principles of:

Ujima: Collective Work & Responsibility At the core of our mission is the commitment to collective empowerment. We believe that through shared responsibility, we can build a resilient and united community that thrives.

Zola: Activation of Self-Healing In the spirit of Zola, we advocate for the activation of self-healing. This is not merely an individual journey but a collective one—nurturing oneself and one's community through a deliberate process of introspection and care.

Zuri: Celebration of the Beauty of Black Culture Zuri encapsulates the vibrant celebration of the beauty inherent in Black culture. It is a call to recognize, embrace, and revel in the richness of our heritage.

Dear Black Prophets, Co. actively embodies Ujima, Zola, and Zuri. Our endeavors are centered on the actualization of these principles to fortify radical Black power. Through community outreach initiatives, anti-racism consultation and training, psychoeducation, and the transformative power of art, we stand as a beacon for collective upliftment.

"The Black man was brought to this country forcibly and was completely cut off from his past. He was robbed of language and culture. He was forbidden to be African and never allowed to be American."

                                                         -  Black Rage, William H. Grier & Price Cobbs

Dear Black Prophets, Co. knows that you are divine in your essence. As we traverse the paths of healing, education, and artistic expression, we stand united in reclaiming our narrative and strengthening the pillars of Black power.

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