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Black Prophets,

Dear Black Prophets, Co. started as a love letter to Black people in response to  chronic and global anti-Black terrorism.

Rooted in the wisdom tradition of African deep thought, ancestral knowledge, and the African principles of:. . 

Ujima:  Collective Work & Responsibility

Zola: Activation of self-healing and loving on oneself and one's community, and

Zuri:  Celebration of the beauty of Black culture

 Dear Black Prophets, Co. works to  actualize  Ujima, Zola, and Zuri   to bolster radical Black power through community outreach initiatives,  anti-racism consultation and training, psychoeducation, and art. 


"The Black man was brought to this country forcibly and was completely cut off from his past. He was robbed of language and culture. He was forbidden to be African and never allowed to be American."

-Black Rage, William H. Grier & Price Cobbs 


Dear Black Prophets, because you are divine in your creation.

Giving Tuesday 2021

Partner with Us.

Put your Ujima, Zola, and Zuri to action by donating to our causes and intiatives! All Donations are tax deductible.

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