Black Prophets,

     Dear Black Prophets, Co. started as a love letter to Black people in response to the persistent mistreatment and MURDERS of Black people across the diaspora. At its inception, it sought to embody the African principles of:

  • Ujima-- Collective Work & Responsibility

  • Zola--the activation of self healing and loving on oneself and one's community, and

  • Zuri-- the celebration of the beauty of Black culture

Today, Dear Black Prophets, Co. continues to stand on those pillars and intends to empower, reeducate, uplift, and unify the Black community through collective reeducation, healing, art, and the sharing of resources.



"The Black man was brought to this country forcibly and was completely cut off from his past. He was robbed of language and culture. He was forbidden to be African and never allowed to be American."

-Black Rage, William H. Grier & Price Cobbs 



   This is for you, Black Prophets. For those of us who are African by nature and American by nurture. For those of us who were previously and presently unseen, unheard, and erased. Dear Black Prophets, Because people does not capture your divinity.