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Dear Black Prophets, Co. is an organization committed to the liberation of Black people across the diaspora, by any means. It is our belief that through education, community, attention to mental health, and art, it is possible to uplift the community and achieve just that. 


Dear Black Prophets, Co. is a legally registered pending 501(3)c which means that all proceeds go back into the organization to fund initiatives such as programming, webinars, mutual aid relief, and other Non-profit organizations. None of the proceeds received by Dear Black Prophets, Co. will be used to pay any members of the organizations but will be strictly used for the community. The goal is to practice circulating Black wealth. 


Your donation to Dear Black Prophets, Co. aids in ensuring that our message is received and furthers our efforts to create and sustain the cultural and socioeconomic equality of Black people. 


Donations to Dear Black Prophets, Co. are tax-deductible. 


Suppose that we all have a role to play in this chaos? Suppose that each of us, all, have something to contribute to the liberation of our people?


Black people across the diaspora are inherently gifted. We have used rhythm and art as resistance, since before the beginning of time. Because Black creativity is revolutionary, I implore you to submit work for all the world to see. 


Thanks for submitting!

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